Y.B. Dato' Sri Anifah Aman, the Foreign Minister today attended the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and the East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers' Meeting (EAS-FMM). The ARF was held in retreat format while the EAS-FMM was held in plenary.

During the ARF retreat, the Foreign Ministers of the twenty-seven members of the forum exchanged views on security challenges faced by the region.  Emphasis was given on the development in the South China Sea, Middle East Peace Process and situation in the Korean Peninsula and Syria. The Ministers also discussed non-traditional security threats and challenges, such as natural disasters, terrorism, trafficking of illicit drugs, people smuggling, trafficking in persons, cyber security and piracy.

Y.B Dato’ Sri Anifah Hj. Aman, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia made the intervention on the situation in the South China Sea. Y.B. Dato' Sri stressed that the issues should be managed through peaceful dialogue and negotiations in accordance with principles of international law, including 1982 United Nations Convention of Law of the Sea. Y.B. Dato’ Sri also expressed Malaysia's concern with the situation in Syria and Palestine. On non-traditional security issue, Y.B. Dato’ Sri called for greater coordination and collaboration among the ARF participants to increase preparedness and capacity to overcome the emerging cyber security threats.
During the plenary of the EAS-FMM, the Foreign Ministers exchanged views on the progress of cooperation in the EAS' six priority issues.  These are in the areas of finance, global pandemics, education, disaster management, energy and ASEAN Connectivity.  They acknowledged that significant progress has been made.  Many countries spoke of the specific initiatives that they have undertaken. Malaysia announced that Malaysia would be hosting the Fourth ASEAN Maritime Forum and Second Expanded Maritime Forum in September 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

In his intervention, Y.B. Dato' Sri said that the East Asia Summit has come a long way since it was first held in Kuala Lumpur in 2005. On security co-operation in the EAS, Y.B. Dato’ Sri emphasized that a rules-based approach to govern inter-state relations can encourage, promote and ensure transparency of intent and predictability in behavior, in a sustained manner. He emphasized that the 12 points in the Declaration on the Principles of Mutually Beneficial Relations adopted in Bali in 2011 clearly set out the areas of co-operation including security.

ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia




3 July 2013