Message By Y.A.B Prime Minister Of Malaysia For The 42nd ASEAN Day Supplement


The politically cohesive, economically integrated and socially responsible ASEAN Community envisioned by 2015 will contribute to promoting and preserving the stability, security, peace and prosperity of this region. ASEAN is on track towards attaining this goal by 2015. The ASEAN Charter, which came into effect on 15 December 2008, contains three main elements aimed at strengthening ASEAN.

Firstly, the Charter will reinforce the institutional framework of ASEAN to make the organization more resilient in facing current and future challenges. The ASEAN Political-Security Community Council, ASEAN Economic Community Council and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Council have been established to implement their respective Blueprints contained in the Roadmap for an ASEAN Community.

Secondly, the Charter has transformed ASEAN into a rules-based organization. ASEAN Member States must now ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization as well as implement agreements and decisions made by the ten Member States.  

And thirdly, the Charter aims to improve coordination between the various ASEAN organs. For this, the ASEAN Coordinating Council has been instituted. ASEAN National Secretariats and the Committee of Permanent Representatives to ASEAN in Jakarta have been established to coordinate ASEAN activities and programmes at the national and regional levels. On our  part, the ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat has been established and mandated to coordinate ASEAN work involving the various stakeholders at the national level. Meanwhile, Malaysia has also established the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to ASEAN earlier this year to ensure that Malaysia continues to play an active and meaningful role in the grouping.

These are among the measures that the ten ASEAN Member States have adopted in order to attain the goal of an ASEAN community by 2015.

These measures, however, will not be successful without the participation of the citizens of ASEAN. Realizing this, ASEAN has adopted a people-centric agenda. The objective is to increase public awareness of ASEAN and its benefits to the people at large. Towards this end, various programmes have been implemented including this annual celebration of ASEAN Day and outreach programmes involving schools in the ten Member States.

I would like to encourage Malaysians to learn more about ASEAN and how you can contribute to moving the ASEAN agenda. Activities such as the ASEAN University Games could serve as useful avenues for the public to know more about ASEAN. I would also encourage the public and private entities to organize ASEAN activities involving the participation of the various sections of society.

With the continued support and cooperation from the people of Malaysia, the dream of our fore-fathers for a secure, peaceful and stable region will live on and continue to benefit us all.  

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